This Guy’s Transformation From Skinny Geek To A Man Named “Nightmare” Is Remarkable

Meet the man whose pint you really wouldn’t want to spill.

Growing up, Martyn Ford was your “average” guy. At 6ft 8”, he was considered “lanky”, due to the fact Ford was all skin and bones – just a tall glass of milk.


However, Martyn has transformed from Tiny to Tank through his passion for bodybuilding and fitness, and now weighs a monstrous 323lbs (that’s 23.4st or 147kg), and he’s certainly getting some attention.

The gym owner has now been cast in the most recent edition in the franchise of combat films, The Undisputed 4, alongside English martial arts actor, Scott Adkins. Ford’s character name; Koshmar, meaning ‘Nightmare’.

Yeah, I guess that works…

To get an idea of this bloke’s incredible size, just check out these pictures of him next to regular mortals:





But Martyn really is a big softy at heart:




Although some will attack Ford for his size, I think it really is a testament to just how far a person can go if they’re willing and wanting to transform themselves. It is undeniable that Ford’s size reflects passion, hard work and determination.


I already have
I already have

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