20 Interesting Facts About Women You Probably Never Knew. Guys, Take Notes.

There are some things about females that just confuse everyone, men and women alike. From the big things like menstruation and giving birth to cultural standards of beauty and expected behavior. One way for at least us men to make women’s lives easier might simply be to know more.

Here are 20 informative and occasionally tragic facts about women that I bet you didn’t know.

1.) I wonder how they actually found this out.

Facts 1

2.) This is tragic.

Facts 2

3.) Wow, but it makes sense.

Facts 3

4.) I just wonder how many of the richest men also inherited their money.

Facts 4

5.) Except maybe when they have a full diaper.

Facts 5

6.) Come to think of it, I always wanted to be a gladiator.

Facts 6

7.) But having the option is what counts right?

Facts 7

8.) I know where I’m booking my next vacation.

Facts 8

9.) Marriage isn’t as common as it used to be.

Facts 9

10.) Sometimes it’s worth it to have the perfect outfit.

Facts 10

11.) “No it’s nothing. There’s just something in my eye that’s all.”

Facts 11

12.) I can neither confirm nor deny this.

Facts 12

13.) This is disturbing on many levels.

Facts 13

14.) I’m sure I would have looked pretty good in the 1600s.

Facts 14

15.) Recognize the signs.

Facts 15

16.) Make sure you give up your seat on the train to them.

Facts 16

17.) Makes sense.

Facts 17

18. I love science!

Facts 18

19.) Truthfully I could think of better ways to spend four years.

Facts 19

20.) Maybe that’s why my cooking always “tastes terrible.”

Facts 20

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