12 Reasons Why Being A Parent Sometimes Was An Absolute Nightmare. #4 Will Shock You

Being a parent and caring for a child can be a wonderful experience but at times, it can also be a huge pain. You have to look after a tiny baby for years and years. It is your duty to make sure that little baby grows up into a wonderful, happy and responsible human being.

Most kids are polite, but sometime make your life a living nightmare.
Here are 12 reasons why being a parent sometimes was a nightmareghtmares:

1.) The time when this little girl refused to let her parents sleep.

Reasons 1

2.) The time these kids tried to help their parents paint.

Reasons 2

3.) The time this little girl wanted to use the big potty.

Reasons 3

4.) The time this kid wanted to make a pretty picture.

Reasons 4

5.) The time this little girl wanted to help decorate.

Reasons 5

6.) The time this dad discovered his son had really good aim.

Reasons 6

7.) The time this baby wanted to interrupt a Soup marathon.

Reasons 7

8.) The time this little girl practiced putting on her nightmare makeup.

Reasons 8

9.) The time this baby ruined a birthday cake.

Reasons 9

10.) The time these boys wanted to help bake.

Reasons 10

11.) The time these two went exploring.

Reasons 11

12.) The time this little girl tried spaghetti.

Reasons 12

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