After He Rescued A Baby Deer, The Little Fawn Thought He Was Her New Mom

Lithuanian outdoorsman Darius Sasnauskas had a chance to witness a birth of two baby deer in his backyard near the Yellowstone National Park in the US.

But when tragedy struck soon thereafter, leaving one baby with a broken leg, joy turned to horror as it was abandoned by its mother when it couldn’t keep up. That’s when Sasnauskas stepped in to fulfill the role this fawn’s mother couldn’t in the wild.

Darius witnessed a birth of 2 baby deer in his backyard, but unfortunately, one of them had an injured leg

Baby Deer 1

She couldn’t keep up with her family and was left behind – her mother never came back

Baby Deer 2

“With so many predators around, she had no chance to survive on her own,” – said Darius

Baby Deer 3

He even fashioned a cast from an oatmeal container!

Baby Deer 3

The hungry little girl had to eat every four hours.


Soon the baby deer learned to walk again


Then one evening, the fawn’s mother returned and the baby rejoined her family!

Baby Deer 9

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