You’ll Definitely Need To See Some Of These 18 Facts About China To Really Believe Them

China is a huge, overwhelming, and totally fascinating country to be in right now. It seems to be a mixture of unusual old traditions and new advancements, many of which are equally as strange.

A two-decade long run has catapulted the Chinese economy to amazing heights, but real cracks are starting to appear: inflation has perked up, the housing sector looks overextended and rumors are swirling that some very big Chinese banks will need a bailout. Keep these in mind next time you plan a trip to China.

1. Children poop everywhere in China.

Facts About China 1

Chinese children often wear split pants so they can use the bathroom whenever they want. It is not uncommon to see a Chinese mother holding her baby, split-pants downward, over a public trashcan.

2. Chinese police use geese as an alternative to police dogs.

Facts About China 2

Chinese authorities believe that geese have great vision and are aggressive.

3. Chinese women can restore their virginity.

Facts About China 3Some women choose to restore their hymens before their wedding night.

4. Pajamas are a wardrobe staple in Shanghai.

Facts About China 4

PJ’s are the outfit of choice for Shanghai residents. People wear their PJs out and about in the day!

5. People eat “Urine Eggs” for health benefits.

Facts About China 5

These urine eggs are boiled for a whole day in the urine of boys under the age of 10. aditional Chinese medicine claims that eating these eggs have plenty of health benefits, including increased circulation of the blood.

6. You can’t have kids until the government lets you.

Facts About China 6

Married Chinese couples must be approved for a Family Planning Certificate three months before or after the pregnancy.

7. Most Chinese are tuned into the same channel at 7pm.

Facts About China 7
Everyday at 7pm, Chinese TVs are turned into the same channel for a 30-minute news program. It has been China’s most-watched television program since 1978.

8. They have a festival dedicated to eating dogs, because they believe it brings good health.

Facts About China 9

Chinese tradition believes that eating dog meat stimulates internal heat, along with bringing good luck and health…

9. There’s only one time zone.


Despite being the third largest country in the world, China only has one time zone, Beijing Standard Time. As a result, the sun rises at 10am in cities such as Xinjiang, located in China’s westernmost province.

10. Soon, China will have the most Christians on Earth.


The Christian population is growing rapidly, and by 2030, experts predict that China will pass the United States and have the most Christians in the world.

11. Everybody goes on vacation at the same time.


Everyone gets time off for Chinese New Year, which is when most people travel.

12. Want to avoid traffic? No problem! You can hire someone.


There are services you can call to send someone on a motorcycle to come get you, while someone sits in your car and waits.

13. There’s a lot of abandoned cities in China.


A lot of China’s cities are brand new but have never had any people living in them.

14. China replicates a lot of European cities.


China has a unique culture of its own, but it’s also known for replicating European cities such as the one above of Themes Town, a mini replica of London.

15. China only recently embraced video games.

For 14 years, China banned gaming consoles like Playstation and XBox. The ban was lifted in 2014.

16. Some 35 million Chinese people still live in caves.


In his book “Riding the Iron Rooster: By Train Through China”, Paul Theroux writes, ” There is no government program to remove these troglodytes, but there is a scheme to give them better caves. It seemed to me a kind of lateral thinking. Why rehouse or resettle these cave-dwellers? The logical solution was to improve their caves. That was very Chinese.”

17. Drinking isn’t just for fun.


Drinking culture is deeply rooted in Chinese society, and employees are often required to drink at work functions for as long as the boss wants.

18. The Chinese army uses pigeons to send messages.


China’s military is training 10,000 pigeons as part of a “”reserve pigeon army” to serve as a back-up communication system.

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