15 Sneaky Hiding Places To Stash Your Valuables… #15 Is My Favorite

To make sure that you and your family valuables stay safe, we gathered a list of other places to hide some things. These 15 secretive tips might just save you a penny. Take a look at some of these genius ideas.

1. Rows of binders filled with pages of boring sentences are a great place to hide things from your kids.

Sneaky Hiding Places 1

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2. Here’s a shocking idea for hiding your goodies.

Sneaky Hiding Places 2

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3. Having a hidden cubby behind a wall-mounted TV not only gives you better wire management, but also provides a secret storage area too.

Sneaky Hiding Places 3

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4. This is about as clever as it gets. Just make sure you don’t trim your fingernails too close.

Sneaky Hiding Places 4

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5. That space under the cabinet is a perfect place for a little extra hidden storage.

Sneaky Hiding Places 5

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6. Or instead of hiding items behind a picture frame, hide your stuff INSIDE one!

Sneaky Hiding Places 6

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7. Probably the sneakiest hiding spot of them all is located on every door in your home. Learn how to make one here.

Sneaky Hiding Places 7

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8. This ring lets you store your valuables within your valuables.

Sneaky Hiding Places 8

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9. Seriously. Who would ever suspect?

Sneaky Hiding Places 9

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10. Here’s a classic hinged picture frame you can hide your jewelry behind. Learn how to make it here.

Sneaky Hiding Places 10

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11. Tired of that random brother-in-law who comes over and eats everything in the fridge? This dresser refrigerator might help.

“Would you like some mustard with those underpants?”

Sneaky Hiding Places 11

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12. The handles give it away, but this storage space is still a sweet idea for a floor bathtub.

Sneaky Hiding Places 12

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13. Make your cold-hard cash even colder with this A/C vent safe. Purchase one here.

Sneaky Hiding Places 13

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14. Stash money into counterfeit containers that are empty but look like they’re filled with something.

Sneaky Hiding Places 14

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15. Here’s a great way to hide you valuables at the beach or swimming pool.

Sneaky Hiding Places 15

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