10 Women You Won’t Believe Actually Exist!

People are unique — come in all shapes and sizes, but some people are actually very strange. You won’t believe, but these 10 women actually exist. Some of these incredibly unique women even hold world records.

1. Kim Goodman


Holding the Guinness World Record for largest eye protrusion at .43 inches.

2. Abigail and Brittany Hensel

Abigail and Brittany Hensel are American dicephalic parapagus twins, meaning that they are conjoined twins, each of whom has a separate head, but whose bodies are joined.

3. Mandy Sellars


Mandy is a woman with a rare genetic mutation that has resulted in extraordinary growth in both of her legs.

4. Julia Gnuse

Born in 1955, has 95% of her body (including her face) covered in tattoos.

5. Jyoti Amge


Jyoti Amge is 22 years old and hails in Nagpur, India. She is the world’s smallest woman, at only 62.8 cm tall or 2 ft. tall!

6. Charity Pierce

Worlds fattest woman at 780lbs.

7. Mikel Ruffinelli

She currently holds the record of widest hip in the world, according to the World Record Academy. Her weight is more than 420 pounds (190 kg) and her hips measures an unusual 8 feet (2.4 m) in circumference, although her waist is only 3 feet 4 inches (102 cm). She is 5 feet 4 inches tall.

8. Asha Mandela

50-year-old Asha Zulu Mandela started growing her lovely dreadlocks 25 years ago, after moving from Trinidad Tobago to New York. She holds the record for the world’s longest locks, which measure 19 feet, 6 inches long.

9. Mayra Hills

Mayra had 10 liters of saline solution surgically pumped into her breasts SHe known as ‘Beshine’ with the worlds largest fake breasts each one weighing 9kg each or 20lb. Bra size 32z.

10. Valeria Lukyanova

Valeria Lukyanova, better known as Human Barbie, might seem like a figment of Photoshop imagination, but, when GQ’s Michael Idov traveled to Ukraine to interview her, he found out Lukyanova is all too real.

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